Our history and commitments

More than 10 years ago, Nicolas HUET (creator and co-founder) intermingled the first names of his children to create the name Elhann-H, with the primary idea of creating something that makes sense and that will last in the future for his children. This was one of the three main ideas of this project. The second was to make this name a brand represented by quality products, which involves the choice of collaborators, raw materials, manufacturing processes, and many details to which we pay attention. The third is to develop an identity of products that are both elegant and urban, combining traditional and new values.

Thinking about our children is naturally thinking about the future, not just tomorrow but rather this distant future, that of our planet and our children who will live there. Eco-responsibility is a given, and we must do our utmost to integrate it into our products and services, it must be a daily objective.

The leathers we select come from the food industry and are World Leather Group WLG certified, with reduced use of polluting products during tanning and better traceability. We also work with tanneries that use recycled leather. The synthetic fabrics we use come from or are made from recycled PET materials (plastic bottles), some materials don't permit this yet, but we are working on it. We develop our material sourcing in close collaboration with our suppliers, always with the idea of polluting less and preserving our planet. Today, under the name MKX, we include 15% rice husk residue in our soles, so we use 15% less plastic while at the same time recycling one of the waste products of rice cultivation. In the life of a product, its packaging counts and we have chosen to use FSC-certified recycled cardboard boxes, without glue, and printed with water-based inks, and recyclable.

Finally, we integrate the desire to reduce our carbon impact into all our daily activities and future projects. It is a daily job, all these actions, small or big, contribute together to give meaning to our project.