Refund Policy

1.Your purchase on our website can be cancelled without reason within 24 hours. If you have not canceled the order within 48 hours, you will not have the right to require the refund without reason. We will charge you the related costs of the goods and logistics.


2.During the transportation process, you will not be able to cancel the order. If you forcibly cancel, we will charge you the full order fee.


3.After receiving the goods, if the goods are damaged, the quality of the goods is not adequate or the wrong goods are sent, please contact our customer service email address: , we will provide you with professional and timely solutions.


4.If the order is refunded successfully, we will submit a refund application to the bank, and your money will be refunded to your credit card within 15 days. If you haven't received your refund within 15 days, check your bank account first, then contact your credit card company. It may take a while after your refund is officially released. If you need help, please contact our customer service , we will deal with it in time


Return Policy

1.After you receive the product, within 7 days, if there is a problem with the quality of the product or the wrong product, we will agree to your return request. We will reject your return request if the product has no quality problem, the receipt time exceeds 7 days, and the product has been opened for use.


2.We will not agree to your return request if you buy a customized product witch without any quality problem. If the quality has some problems, we can exchange the product or do the refund.


3.If there is no quality problem with the product and you still request to return it, we will charge you for the return fee, including the shipping cost of the product and the related labor costs, which will be deducted directly from the refund of the order.


Partial Refund Policy

1.Within 7 days after receiving the product, if the product packaging has been opened and used, and you request a return and a refund, we will charge you part of the costs, including but not limited to product fees, packaging and transportation fees, labor costs, etc.


2.If the Items received are damaged, and the damage is not caused by us, we will only issue a partial refund.


Exchange Policy

We only exchange the defective or damaged items within 7 days of receipt.If you need to  the same product, please send the photo proof that meets the conditions to our customer service email: , and after our review, the related processing of the replacement will be carried out.




Transportation Policy

1.After we receive your order, we will generally complete the delivery within 3-5 days. Contact our customer service ,and you will receive the information of the order.


2.The process of transportation time depends on different transportation methods.Normally, it takes7-15 days after the logistics order is generated. Due to the impact of the epidemic, there may be some delays. If there is a long delay, please contact us in time customer service email: , for the latest information on the transportation of goods


3.There are many uncertainties in the transportation time of the goods. We do not accept the responsibility for returns or exchanges due to the extension of the transportation time of the goods. We will not accept any complaints due to the long transportation time.


Changes to the rules

You can check the latest version of the Return and Refund Policy at any time on this page. We reserve the right to update, change or replace any part of these return and refund policies by posting updates and changes on our website. It is your responsibility to periodically check our website for changes. Your continued use or access to our website or services after any changes to this refund policy constitute your acceptance of those changes



Thank you very much for using our service. If you have any questions during the purchase, please contact our customer service email in time. After receiving your request, we will deal with your problems in time.


If the return is caused by the consumer, consumer should be responsible for the shipping fee. The specific fee should be based on the express company you choose.

If due to our reasons, the goods received are damaged or not correct, and the consumer is not required to bear the shipping fee for this reason.